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Orchard Street Press

Chapbooks: 2017-2022

Tobi Alfier: Torrance, CA; Grit and Grace
Pat Anthony: Fontana KS; Middlecreek: Currents and Undercurrents
Stephanie Baird: Easthampton, MA: Duets: Love Poems and Prayers
Charles Becker: Laguna Woods, CA; A Poem’s Medium
Gary Boelhower: Duluth, MN; Step Close In
Megan Anderson Bohigian: Fresno, CA; Vanishing Point
Ann Bower and Pamela Ahlen: South Pomfret, VT; Getting it Down on Paper
Larsen Bowker: Blacksburg, VA; In the Diamond Light of an Always Morning
Joyce S. Brown: Baltimore, MD; Vital Signs
Alan Catlin: Schenectady, NY; Dream Rider
Elizabeth Chapman: Palo Alto, CA; Midnight Exhibition at the Wheatgrass Saloon
Joe Cheslock: Cuyahoga Falls, OH; If You Follow a Crooked River; Coal Miner’s Son; and All the Stars That Once Were
Frank H. Coons: Denver, CO; A Flash of Yellow Wing
Christine Holland Cummings: Menlo Park, CA; Family Stories
Carolyn Dahl: Houston, TX; Art Preserves What Can’t be Saved
Deborah Doolittle: Jacksonville, NC; Bogbound
Nancy Cavers Dougherty: Sebastopol, CA; Heaven is in Truckee
Patrick Theron Erickson: Garland, TX; Better Late Than Never
Linda Fischer: Swarthmore, PA; Passages
Susan Florence: Koloa, HI; Leftover Prayers
Lew Forester: Arvada, CO; Dialogues With Light   
Suzanne Freeman: Ingram, TX; The Sun’s Banquet Table
Mac Gay: Covington, GA; Our Fatherlessness
Bill Glose: Yorktown, VA; Memory of Spring
Scott Gregory: Wooster, OH; Going Back to Africa
Bill Griffin: Elkin, NC; Riverstory : Treestory
Mary Ann Honaker: Beckley, WV; Gwen and the Big Nothing
Mary Hotlen: Rockford, IL; A Matter of Voice
Eric Machan Howd: Utica, NY; Universal Monsters
Judith Kennedy: Marietta, PA; To See in the Night
R.A. Myers Kulp: Lancaster, PA; Gaze
Sean Lause’: Bluffton, OH; Wakeful fathers, Dreaming Sons
Joanne Lehman: Wooster, OH; Fountain Nook
Mark Louis Lehman: Cincinnati, OH; Twenty Small Worlds
Kiara Nicole Letcher: Omaha, NE; Scream Queen
Peter C. Leverich: Manhasset, NY; Blaze
Mary Makofske: Warwick, NY; The Gambler’s Daughter
Tim Martin: New York, NY; Tesserae

Glen Mazis: Marietta, PA; The Body is a Dancing Star
Carol Milkuhn: Middlebury, VT; Modern Tapestries, Medieval Looms
Joanna McKethan: Dunn, NC; Bleached Bones & Sycamore
Craig McVay: Columbus, OH; Joy in the Tomb of Hunting and Fishing
Wendy McVicker: Athens, OH: Zero, a Door
Jeanie Mortensen: Ludington, MI;  Words and Other Tyrants
Duane Niatum: Seattle, WA; Sea Changes
Ben Onachila: Brevard, NC; Homecoming and Anubis Stands Close By
Jennifer Phillips: Westwood, MA; Song of Ascents
Deborah Bachels Schmidt: El Sobrante, CA; Stumbling Into Grace
James Scruton: McKenzie, TN; Blind Season
Douglas M. Smith: Chelsea, MI; Social Work and Other Myths
Patrick Synan: Manchester, NH; The Walls Around the Ring
Mark Taksa: Albany, CA; Higher Than Fear
Susan Christine Waters: Hobbs, NM; Heat Lightning
Thomas A. West: Denver, CO; The Hungry Man
Bob Wickless: Reidsville, NC; Almost Happy and (riding) shotgun in imaginary cars
Elaine Zimmerman: Hamden, CT; RASP

Chapbooks to be published in 2023

Bill Griffin: Elkin, NC; How We All Can Fly
Alan Elyshevitz: East Norriton, PA; Approximate Sonnets
Wendy McVicker and Cathy Lentes: Athens, OH; Stronger When We Touch
Valerie Sopher: El Cerrito, CA; Day for Night
Sue Spirit: West Salem, OH; Guidelines for Nirvana
Bob Wickless: Reidsville, NC; The Secret Care the World Takes 

We were delighted with the response to this year’s Orchard Street Press Poetry Contest. We received entries from all across the country, presenting an amazing array of styles, voices, themes,perspectives, and ‘make it new’ artistry. This year’s edition of Quiet Diamonds (due out in September) will be a remarkable collection indeed.

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