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We were delighted with the participation in this year’s Poetry Contest; more than six hundred poems were submitted by entrants from forty different states, with the quality of the submissions bringing no easy task to the judges. We want to thank all those who sent in work and who are keeping the poetic energy and creativity at a very high level across the land.


From those hundreds of entries, forty-seven were selected for inclusion in the 2022 edition of Quiet Diamonds. Those poems and poets are listed below.


Prize Winners

First Prize ($500 and the Malovrh-Fenlon Poetry Prize): “Beethoven’s Ninth Sonata” by Robert Milby of Florida, NY.

Second Prize ($300): “Postcards Postmortem” by Timothy Martin of Ann Arbor, MI.

Third Prize ($200): “At Chemo” by John Cullen of Big Rapids, MI



“Corn Dance” by Deborah Bachels Schmidt of El Sobrante, CA
“Meal Ticket” by Pat Anthony of Fontana, KS
“Miscellany of Dreams” by Timothy Martin
“Near to each” by Valerie Sopher of El Cerrito, CA
“Seascape” by Steve Kupferschmid of West Chester, PA
“Looking for the Banded Sphinx” by Susan Craig of Columbia, SC
“For My Daughters” by Al Gabor of Evanston, IL
“Cook’s Run, Michigan” by R. H. Miller of Louisville, KY
“Beyond Satie” by Robert Milby
“Hummingbird” by Kimberly Karshner of Oberlin, OH
“How Not to Forget” by Charlie Becker of Laguna Woods, CA
“She Answers: by Tim Louis Macaluso of Rochester, NY


Please click here for Semi-Finalists and Honorable Mentions


We are very pleased to announce the release of two exciting new poetry collections: The Gambler’s Daughter by Mary Makofske of Warwick, NY and Modern Tapestries, Medieval Looms by Carol Milkuhn of Middlebury, VT. Information about these two books can be found in our New Publications section.


We are also pleased to announce that in the next few months, the following titles will be released:

             Tesserae by Timothy Martin of Ann Arbor, MI

            A Poem’s Medium by Charles Becker of Laguna Woods, CA

            Better Late Than Never by Patrick Theron Erickson of Garland, TX

            Leftover Prayers by Susan Florence of Ojai, CA