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The forty-two poems above (from thirty-four different poets) make up Quiet Diamonds 2020, this year’s edition of our annual poetry journal. This year’s edition, our third, prompted award-winning poet Will Greenway to write: “These poems are proof that good poetry begins in the real, but soon begins to hover above the quotidian and rise into a spiritual zone that leaves the ordinary behind and below. They may begin in nature in all its beauty, but soon reveal the beauty of the supernatural as well. Keep these by your bed with your other treasures, the quiet diamonds.”

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In the past three months, Orchard Street has released the following new poetry chap books:

“Almost Happy” by Bob Wickless of Reidsville, NC

“The Diamond Light of an Almost Morning” by Larsen Bowker of Blacksburg, VA

“Sea Changes” by Duane Niatum of Seattle WA

“Joy in the Tomb of Hunting and Fishing” by Craig McVay of Columbus, OH

Information about each of those titles is included in the News > Book Announcements menu.