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We were delighted with the response to this year’s Orchard Street Press Poetry Contest. We received entries from all across the country, presenting an amazing array of styles, voices, themes,perspectives, and ‘make it new’ artistry. This year’s edition of Quiet Diamonds (due out in September) will be a remarkable collection indeed.


We are pleased to announce the three prize-winning poems:


1st Prize ($500 and the Malovrh-Fenlon Poetry Prize) goes to Mary Makofske of Warwick, New York for her poem “Revelation.”

2nd Prize ($300): Christine Holland Cummings of Menlo Park, California for “Lyric, Squaw

Valley, 1832”

3rd Prize ($200): Timothy Martin of Ann Arbor, Michigan for “Lake Walking”



Jenifer M. Phillips of Westwood, MA for “In the Calico Kitchen”

Bob Wickless of Reidsville, NC for “Walking Into a Room”

R.A. Myers-Kulp of Lancaster, PA for “On a Windowsill”

Peter B. Barton of New York, NY for “Rug Ride”

Deborah Doolittle of Jacksonville, NC for “The See-Through House”

Craig McVay of Columbus, OH for “The Grotesqueries of Death”

Susan Coultrap-McQuin of Victoria, MN for “Mysteries in What We Bring Home”

Timothy Martin for “Open Books”

Lisa Hase-Jackson of Charleston, SC for “Latchkey, Albuquerque”

Susan M. Craig of Columbia, SC for “Flying United”

Blair Ewing of Lutherville, MD for “Back in Benafain”



Christine Holland Cummings for “Parous”

Lew Forester of Arvada, CO for “Ode to Sleep”

Elizabeth Chapman of Palo Alto, CA for “This is the Other Life”

Frank Coons of Denver, CO for “They Said Your Words”