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Joyce Brown’s poems  take a remarkably fresh look at things we see (or perhaps, miss) every day, and they breathe a life into them that transforms them into experiences, lessons even that stay with us. In “Trip Home,” she writes: The death I’ve planned,/put up like a jar of peach preserves,/comes late in life, in bed, my dogs at hand,/the basement finally waterproofed/and clean/my piano tuned. I grieve,/but reach for God, and face the music/which is always Brahms.” The reader  is treated to thoughtfulness and craft like that throughout this book.

Sales price: $12.00

The Third Place winner in Orchard Street’s 2017 Chapbook Contest, this book is a marvelous collection of poems about post-industrial America, fathers and sons, and the large and small things that make up the fabric of life. This is a book about faith, love, persistence, and the questions of life, some answered, some beyond our reach. Thankfully, the challenge of these difficult questionsdoes not deter Sean Lause’ from reaching, which is what this book is about.

Sales price: $12.00