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The forty-two poems above (from thirty-four different poets) make up Quiet Diamonds 2020, this year’s edition of our annual poetry journal. This year’s edition, our third, prompted award-winning poet Will Greenway to write: “These poems are proof that good poetry begins in the real, but soon begins to hover above the quotidian and rise into a spiritual zone that leaves the ordinary behind and below. They may begin in nature in all its beauty, but soon reveal the beauty of the supernatural as well. Keep these by your bed with your other treasures, the quiet diamonds.”

We believe that Quiet Diamonds 2020 will further enhance the growing reputation of the journal. As with the first two editions, this year’s QD presents work from well-established and already highly-regarded poets (including a winner of the National Book Award for Poetry) alongside poems from a wide range of other established, emerging, and exciting new writers.

Quiet Diamonds 2020 will be published in September. Pre-release orders can be made now for $12. As of October 1st, the journal will be on sale for $15 a copy.