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The Orchard Street Press is pleased to announce the release of Getting it Down on Paper, the exciting new poetry collection by Pamela Ahlen and Anne Bower.

About Getting it Down on Paper, Susan Shaw Sailer, author of The Distance

Beyond Sight, writes: “Ahlen’s and Bower’s poems zing with energy, where a ‘new red rake waits restless,’ and deep solace is found in ‘late-day shadows wrapped in silence.’ Acknowledging problems—refugees at the border, the horror of slavery, strip-mined coal—these poems ask words to touch the past so we can ‘taste’ what lasts, what disappears.”

Ina Anderson, author of Journey into Space, observes: “Two poets, two voices share their rich memories, day-to-day realizations, and surefooted reckonings—gifts from one to the other, given in language. These poems are never sentimental. They are lush yet precise. They are witty, and they are richly layered with meaning. They take us on a roller-coaster ride through family discoveries, exotic destinations, intimate experiences. I know I’ll return frequently to this duet of poems.”

Finalist for the Montaigne Medal and the Eric Hoffer Book Award, Tim Mayo writes: “Through its layers of exchange, we witness these two poets arriving at a close and deep empathy with each other as they share inner worlds of memory. These are two accomplished poets who show us in that special slant way so native to Emily Dickinson that when you’re talking about the weather with someone you know, it’s not about the weather at all.”

Getting it Down on Paper is available for $12, online or via direct mail, from:

The Orchard Street Press
P.O. Box 280
Gates Mills, Ohio 44040

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Sales price: $12.00