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Joanna McKethan


Joanna McKethan’s poetry appears in such literary magazines as Quiet Diamonds, Asheville Poetry Review, Pembroke Magazine,

Iodine Poetry Journal, Crucible, Bay Leaves, Kakalak, and The Cairn, St. Andrews.

She was a finalist in the North Carolina Writer’s Network Randall Jarrell Poetry Competition. She also won: 1st Place in the 2007 Writer’s

Digest Unrhymed Poetry Contest; 1st Place in Crucible’s Sam Ragan Prize; 1st Place for Arizona’s Sand-cutters; 2nd Place in the 2020

Orchard Street Press Poetry Contest; and was a Finalist for the Pinesong Poet Laureate Award.

Selected as a North Carolina Writer-in-Residence in 2003, she studied under Fred Chappell in the Elizabeth Daniels-Squire Program at Peace College. She was Writer-in-Residence at Weymouth (Southern Pines, North Carolina) and with The Arts Council (Mount St. Francis, Indiana.

Anthology publications include: Weymouth, an Anthology and Emigration-Immigration Diversity (edited by Thomas  Crowley and Jaki Shelton Green.

Joanna has traveled extensively in Europe and now lives on her beloved land with husband Sandy.