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The Orchard Street Press is pleased to announce the release of A Song of Ascents, the remarkable new collection of poems by Jennifer M. Phillips of Barnstable, Massachusetts.

Of The Song of Ascents, Margaret Miles, Emerita Professor of Historical Theology writes: “In Song of Ascents, the poet loves both earth’s bodies and the vivid language that assists us to see, hear, touch, and smell the id quod est we live among but forget to notice…The poems in this volume conjure what there is in all its ‘ungainly tenderness,’ from roses and lilies to ‘rot and roots.’ These words show, and one sense is not enough; they activate in the reader a complex synesthetic response. They smile, and this reader found herself smiling back.”

Lynne Viti, Faculty Emerita at Wellesley College, notes: “Jennifer Phillips is a poet of nature, of metaphysics, of spirituality, demonstrated most vividly in this collection. Her keen eye for detail in the natural world melds here with interrogations of life, death, and the presence—and often absence—of the divine. In each exquisite word-portrait of woods, sky, garden, or shore, she grapples with fundamental questions of human existence—providing not definite answers, but taking us along with her for the ride as she ponders the why and how. A Song of Ascents is rich in imagery, stories of childhood, emigration, and the putting down of roots in a new country, tales of young adulthood and middle age. These poems invite the reader into intimate conversations about the deepest, most important things.”

A Song of Ascents is available (both online and via the mail) from:

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