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We were delighted with the response to this year’s Orchard Street Press Poetry Contest. We received entries from all across the country, presenting an amazing array of styles, voices, themes,perspectives, and ‘make it new’ artistry. This year’s edition of Quiet Diamonds (due out in September) will be a remarkable collection indeed.

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We were delighted with the participation in this year’s Poetry Contest; more than six hundred poems were submitted by entrants from forty different states, with the quality of the submissions bringing no easy task to the judges. We want to thank all those who sent in work and who are keeping the poetic energy and creativity at a very high level across the land.

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The Orchard Street Press is delighted to announce the release of Quiet Diamonds 2021, the fourth edition of its annual poetry journal.

Containing poems chosen from the hundreds of entries to the 2021 Orchard Street Press Poetry Contest, Quiet Diamonds 2021 presents some of the very best poetry being written in America today.

John P. (Jack) Kristofco, award-winning poet/author and editor of Quiet Diamonds 2021, notes that “ Our annual poetry journal has always been a strong collection of work from poets from across the country. This year’s edition is especially noteworthy, probably our best annual journal to date.”

Deborah Fleming, Director of the Ashland Press and author of Earthwise, writes: “The lyrics of Quiet Diamonds 2021 are landscapes of memory, vision, loss, and fulfillment. With echoes of Keats, Wallace Stevens, Garcia Lorca, and James Wright, these poems take us to places distant as the Susquehanna River, Cordoba, Vietnam, and Rome. These poems take readers on journeys of awareness from ancient to contemporary, personal to universal, perceived to imagined.”

J. Thomas Dukes, Professor Emeritus, the University of Akron, and author of Baptist Confidential, notes: “These poems offer ‘certain slants of light’ in wonderful and often unexpected ways. They provide surprise and shocks of recognition and truth; they will make you laugh and perhaps choke up a bit. From the First Prize winning poem to the last one in the collection, I found every one worth reading and worth savoring.”

Quiet Diamonds 2021 is available for $15 both online (at our website) and via the mail from:

The Orchard Street Press
P.O. Box 280
Gates Mills, Ohio 44040

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