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The Orchard Street Press  is pleased to announce the release of  Dream Rider, the thoughtful and thought-provoking new collection of poems from Alan Catlin of Schenectady, New York.

About Dream Rider, Jennifer Lagier, author of Camille Chronicles, notes:

“In Dream Rider, Alan Catlin escorts the reader on a journey

through a noire landscape of social and cultural dysfunction within a series of surrealistic poems. Using sharp-edged, stripped down language and brutal imagery, Catlin evokes the dark side, a bent world populated by the flawed, damaged, and maladjusted. These poems explore themes of pain and cruelty, gather an assemblage of broken aspiration, failed dreams, night-terror fears. As Catlin writes in “The Museum of Last Things,” proceed at your own risk.

About the Author: Alan Catlin has been publishing in college, university, and little magazines since the mid 70’s. He can say with complete confidence he is the only poet to ever have published in Street Bagel, Magic Changes, Sink Full of Dishes, Tray Full of Lab Rats, Descant, Puerto del Sol, Hollins Critic, The Literary Review, and Wordsworth’s Socks. He has published over sixty chapbooks and full-length books on a wide variety of subjects ranging from Bar Wars (Kindred Spirit Press), to Effects of Sunlight in the Fog (Bright Hill Press), to Walking Among Tombstones in the Fog (Presa Press), Self-Portrait of the Artist Afraid of His Self Portrait (March Street Press) to Asylum Garden: after Van Gogh (Dos Madres).

Dream Rider is available, both online and via the mail from:

The Orchard Street Press
P.O. Box 280
Gates Mills, Ohio  44040

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