Orchard Street Press

The Orchard Street Press is pleased to announce the publication of all the stars that once were, the third book from poet Joe Cheslock of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.

All the stars that once were is a collection of fifty-eight poems (and twelve pictures) that pay tribute to people who hold special places in the poet’s life and in the way he has come to view the world.

Richard Hague, well-known poet and author of Lives of the Poem and During the Recent Extinctions, says “these poems quietly overcome us. They are unassuming, straightforwardly nostalgic, sentiment-filled, chuck full of the decency and worth of everyday life.”

Joanne Lehman, Wick Poetry Fellow, author, and college English teacher, writes: “All the stars that once were is a volume of contemporary elegies that are both mournful and filled with the wonder of life.”

All the stars that once were is available for $18 (which includes mailing costs) at The Orchard Street Press, P.O. Box 280, Gates Mills Ohio, 44040.

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